Sixth Grader

Sixth Grader

Text: 6gd

Fifth grade a passing dream

Like last summer, gone

Hormones covered with skin

Top of the elementary hill

Bottom of the middle school heap

Eleven years upon earth

Cannot legally ride in the front seat

Then twelve, almost a teenager

Children pretending to be adults

Still like being tucked in

And cling to favorite stuffed animal

Girl budding into sweet flower

Given in marriage across the sea

But not here, instead

Sleepovers with friends

Birthday parties by invitation

First butterflies of love

Boy with violin voice whines

Baby skin, peach fuzz

Flatulence his theme song

New vocabulary arises

Practices words with friends

All four letters of them

Adults call them ‘Tweens’

Stores call them ‘Loud’

Banned from fast food hangouts

Seventh grade arrives too slowly

Like a clock moves six minutes before the bell

Never look back

©2019 Doug Hanks. All rights reserved.

Light at the end of the funnel photo by Warren Wong.